Famous Carvery

Here at the Lugger we have our famous carvery – a favourite with the locals throughout the year and an astounding “find” for many visitors too!

Rather than blowing our own trumpet, what speaks volumes are recommendations from “the public”. Here’s just one taken from Trip Advisor:

“Best Sunday lunch carvery in Penzance”

We did not stay at the Inn but a local heard us saying we were looking for a good Sunday Lunch and told us we just HAD to go there. The Wheelhouse is attached to the Lugger Inn.

…serving a cracking Sunday Lunch. You have about 5 different meats to choose from and you can have a bit of each if you want, from then on in you have sooooo many choices of veg and potatoes your head spins, try the spinach in ricotta cheese and garlic, to die for I can assure you. All the food was cooked perfectly and even though you could only go up once you could pile it up to the sky first time.

A nice note was pensioners came in and they were well looked after as in helping them with their plates etc, nice touch.



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